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OK! The gig was awesome! They did really well, they went over well with the crowd, and we all had a blast. Check 'em out:

Welcome to the Jungle:

Sweet Child of Mine:

Forgive the somewhat shoddy lighting and overly enthusiastic zooming.
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Well, Pix is still sleeping, and I don't feel like waiting, so...\

Pics of her tattoo, final and colourized. Plus one of mine since I got a bit of a touch-up.

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The best part? We already have appointments for our next consultation. We have until September 8th to come up with what we want...

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We did it.

The day went splendidly, and we are now husband and wife.

A quick recap (for now).

I showed up at the location, and my parents, brother, and Grammy were already there. I pulled up in my bright yellow convertible Mustang, all styled out in my suit and shades, and they were surprised. After a little bit, the photographer showed up. He was very nice, and everyone liked him. He started by getting some shots of the five of us, as we waited for the bride to arrive.

Soon afterwards, the marriage commissioner showed up, and now there was just a brief wait. Shona's Mum and bridesmaid showed up, alone, which made me curious. For a moment, I thought that maybe they had rented a Mustand for Pixie to arrive in! But no, instead, Pixie and her dad came by horse-drawn carriage. It was a surprise set up by our parents, and considering how much Pixie likes animals, it was a good choice. Then it was on to the ceremony.

The commissioner did a fairly standard speech type thing. There were a couple of things we had to say for legal purposes, and then we got to the ring exchange. Last night, I was sort of thrown in to figuring out how we would do that. Grammy had already been the chosen ring bearer, but what would that entail exactly? Well, in a moment of inspiration, I decided that the rings would be tied to roses, since that is our thing.

For our rings, we "wrote" our own vows. I say "wrote" because we didn't actually write them, but we made them up on the spot. What we had done, once we had originally got our rings, was to take them to be engraved in secret. So neither would know what was engraved in their ring. Then, at the ring exchange, we would explain what had been engraved and what it meant. This is a short paraphrase of those vows:

On my ring, Pixie had engraved 9/20 ANCHOR-SUNSHINE-RHUIN. The 9/20 is obviously the date. The ANCHOR part is because I help to keep her grounded. The SUNSHINE part is because I am her sunshine (and she is my rain, hence our tattoos), in that I cheer her up when she is down. And finally, RHUIN is a Scottish word for love. It's her pet name for me. Anyway, Pixie went first on this part (against tradition) because she figured she would cry too much when I did mine, and so it would be best if I went second. But, I ended up crying myself. I just didn't quite expect it.

Then it was my turn, and on Pixie's ring I engraved MY SHONA-MINE 09/20/03. I have been calling her Shona-mine for some time now. The "mine" suffix is from Icelandic, and means 'dear'. So I was saying Shona-dear. And it is because she is so dear to me, and continues to be moreso, that I put that.

Then that was over, Power and Guitar signed as our witnesses, and we went for some more pictures with the horse and carriage. Then we got a short ride to the restaurant in the carriage. Every car or bus that passed would honk, and the passengers would wave at us. It was nice. Then we had a long, delicious lunch, and we gave everyone their presents. The pillows we had worked so hard on, along with handmade cards with short messages from us both. There were a few tears at the things we wrote.

Then outside for some more pictures, although standard non-professional ones. We had 5 different people taking pictures at one time. My mom, Power, Pixie's mum, Pixie's dad, and Guitar.

Then we were off in our Mustang (which impressed everyone by the way). We took Guitar home,picked up some things from Pixie's parents, and then came home. We had our wedding dance alone in our living room, dancing to Ella Fitzgerald singing They Can't Take That Away From Me. That's kind of been our song for a while. Then Pixie changed into her surprise sexy lingerie outfit. We opened bottle of Merlot from Beaulieu Vineyrards (my namesake) and I opened my present. Pixie got me a set of high-end knives, which is something I always wanted. It was very nice. I haven't gotten her present yet. I want to get a piece of art for our new apartment, but since she is the one with the design plans, I need her to be involved in the selection.

Then, in classic Skaloop and Pixie fashion, we had some nachos and watched Trading Spaces. Then the sex, followed by me going out for some dinner supplies. Pixie cooked up some delicious soup, and is now having a bath as I type this. And that's where we are.

Pics will be available from the pro photographer Wednesday night. That is right before we leave for the honeymoon, so once we get back, and get them transferred to CD, we will try to post them (or send them out via email).

I hope everyone else had a great day. Until next time,

Newlywed Skaloop.
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